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All of these card images are in stock, and ready for immediate delivery. (Displayed alphabetically by title).

Each of these suitable for framing cards is locally printed (in North Carolina) on heavy weight, 100% recycled card stock. They are A2 sized note cards (4.25" x 5.50"), blank inside, so you can add your own personal message. (Envelopes included).

**Ordering Instructions For Boxed Sets (mixed cards)**

The ordering set up for mixed cards can be confusing. The easiest way to order mixed cards is to select the total number you would like, either 12 or 30, and choose buy 1 set. Then email me the card combination you would like...card titles, and how many copies of each. If you need a larger quantity or a different number of cards than 12 or 30, just let me know.

*All other images seen in my galleries are also available as special order cards...please let me know if you have a particular request.
'1000 Shades of Green''A Different Kind of Rainbow''A Mother's Eyes''A Pile of Cuteness''A Promising Direction''A Zen Moment''Ablaze''After the Storm''Among the Giants''Angles''Angraecum leonis''Antique Camellia''Apricot Tea Rose''Aura''Autumn Flame''Autumn Glow''Autumn Gold''Autumn Idyll' (Panocard)'Autumn Rose''Autumn's Paintbrush'

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